What Would Will Smith Do in June?

What would actor Will Smith, famously quoted as saying “I will not be outworked,” do in the month of June? (You can click his quote to see the inspirational interview). It’s hiatus. Cable shows, films, and soaps are casting. But the onslaught of episodic season has not yet begun. I suspect a smart, business-minded actor like Mr. Will Smith would prepare. Isn’t that what we do? Prepare? Does this just mean memorize your lines? Take class? I think not. Here are 5 things an actor can do to prepare for episodic season, and make the most of June – the calm before the storm.

1. Update your target list. Who are the casting directors you want to meet this episodic season? What are the shows you feel you are most right for? Some shows have moved from one casting office to another, do you know who is casting what? www.castingabout.com is great way to find out. If you are an Act Now client you can get 10% off on a membership. And if you are an Act Now client, this new target list should be updated on your profile at www.actnownetwork.com so that you consultant can help you meet the right people.

2. Order marketing materials. Do you have a headshot that represents your cast ability? Is it loaded to all the sites: www.imdb.com, www.lacasting.com, www.actorsaccess.com ? Do you have some printed to take into theatrical auditions and workshops? Do you have a postcard? What should postcards look like? See my photos of postcards inserted here and also check out the books at www.reproductions.com. Ask for Tommy! They also give a discount to Act Now clients. Do you have a reel? I work with www.speedreels.com which hosts reels and also has editing services to help you put those clips together. Ask for Matt! (And no I do not get “kickbacks” from any of these people I just refer my clients and friends to companies I actually know and do business with!). Most casting offices will be back in business shortly after the July 4th holiday weekend. So, mid-july you should be ready to send out a batch of postcards (with your current headshot and agent info on the front) to all the Casting Directors you know and any producer/writer contacts as well. And you will have their addresses because you will already have joined www.castingabout.com when you were doing your research. Yep. Stay on the radar!

Clip from a commercial used as a postcard!

Clip from a commercial used as a postcard!

3. Do some research. What shows are renewed? What new shows are picked up? See my post on pilot season for links to help you research. This will help you have a leg-up on the lazy actors who are on vacation this month. Then, when you do update your target list it will include shows they haven’t even heard of! And you will know who is casting them. Then, when you send out those postcards to your friends in the biz you can congratulate them and the postcards won’t be all about you. You will be an actor who knows the business and cares about the careers of those you are in business with. A generous actor. The kind of actor who brings more to the table than anyone expects. The kind of actor everyone wants to work with.

4. Network. Now is the time when industry professionals are relaxed and available. They have time to go to networking events and parties. And if you are not already following industry peeps on twitter and Facebook, that is a great way to get insider info. on mixers and various news, etc. Join Women In Film, they have great networking breakfast events. Check out the SAG website for upcoming events as well. Meet Casting Directors at workshops all over town. I am a consultant at Act Now, and there are many other workshops studios in Los Angeles. “If you’re not working you should be networking.” If you don’t know where to go check out www.workshopguru.com. Get out there!

5. Love yourself. The biggest difference between actors who succeed and actors who flounder is confidence. Confidence comes from an inner knowledge of our own self-worth. Do what you need to do to feel this. To GLOW with confidence and that divine creative spark that makes you THE ONE AND ONLY YOU. Go to church, temple, drum circle, yoga, spa, the beach, whatever fills your spiritual well. Take a hike. Take a meditation class. Read some Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Eckhard Tolle, Bible verses, Kabbalah, Koran, poetry- that which inspires. You get the idea? Spiritual support is essential. Actors must sustain self-love in the face of constant rejection and negative thinking. Now is as good a time as any to shore up your confidence by showing yourself YOU love yourself.

Got something airing? Tell them all about it. Even if they don't watch, they'll know you're working.

Got something airing? Tell them all about it. Even if they don’t watch, they’ll know you’re working.

Got new reps? Get the word out with postcards!

Got new reps? Get the word out with postcards!

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