What are the best books on acting?

My acting coach Stephen Book always says, “Acting is doing and there’s always more to do.” And while I feel he is right, I have begun to feel that acting is really BEING; being in the given circumstances, in relationship with a given person, as a given character. Even in life I often ask myself, who am I being in this moment? Am I being who I want to be? And, of course, the best teacher is life itself.

That said, books, and all art, are an imitation of life. In my job as a consultant at Act Now I am often asked by my clients what are the best books on acting? One of my actor heroes is John Hawkes an untrained actor who recommends reading. (CLICK HERE FOR AN ARTICLE ON HIS OTHER SUGGESTIONS) I agree with his recommendation, and not only books about acting, but fiction, because it will teach you about the dynamics of story. That said, these are some recommendations on books about the craft and the industry from myself and other Act Now consultants. I hope you find them useful.

“Acting In Film” by Michael Caine (Jackie)

“Audition” by Michael Shurtleff (Glenda)

“Secrets From The Casting Couch” by Nancy Bishop (Dufflyn)

“Book On Acting,” by Stephen Book (Dufflyn) 

“Zen In The Art of Archery” (Jesse)


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